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Oh my God, I cannot believe people still remember Mighty Max, let alone Norman, his guardian. This picture brings back so many memories...

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Lilith Aensland Attempt 1
klunk1990 and I are working on a fanfic about Lilith Aensland, a character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games. If you've never heard of the game series, I don't blame you and I don't know much about the series as a whole. I will be playing them and researching the backstory of the universe and spin-off material and tie-ins for the story. But that's not relevant right this moment.

This was just done to practice drawing and coloring. If you can make it out on the top right corner, the line art was done on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 3:38 AM (yes, seriously). But I finished coloring it on Saturday, September 30TH, 2017 at 10:53 PM. Between the 13th and the 30th, THAT'S 17 WHOLE DAYS!!! It took me almost 2 and a half weeks to finish coloring what could charitably be called a mugshot that probably took me no more than 2 hours to draw (don't quote me on that). If people like Project00Wolfen, SakuraChaos, and DanielBenner214 can tell you, when it comes to colored art, I take WAY TOO DAMN LONG to do something finished, to the point where I gave up coloring the background of an art trade for Project00Wolfen because of how TEDIOUS it was, especially for an art piece like THAT.

So with that in mind, please feel free to tell me if this is okay or absolute garbage. I really need the analysis and some pointers on how to get better.

Also, if you're wondering why there are like 10 dots next to the date, I was afraid my pen was starting to dry up and wanted to make sure it wasn't running out of it. It wasn't.
Sonic Practice and Bunnie DeRoboticized
Been out of it for a LONG time and wanted to post SOMETHING on this account, even if it’s just a doodle, both referencing a picture and a completely original and self-indulgence one. A few of you may know I am a huge fan of the Archie Sonic series, though I believe a lot of you may not. I decided to try doodling and then uploading some Sonic art as 1, Sonic has become popular again with the release of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces soon enough, and 2, sadly the Sonic Archie Comics Series has kicked the bucket. There’s a long, twisted and logic-defying mess of a backstory and explanation as to why this happened despite running for TWENTY THREE YEARS WITH TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY ISSUES NONSTOP, almost as much as the Blue Blur himself, so I won’t waste your time with this.

First off, we have a picture of Sonic running and running HARD, his fast feet practically ripping apart the ground from the friction.

It’s mostly a practice piece for dynamic poses and all that, as a common critique I got starting out on dA and in real life is my poses were a bit stiff/static/forced and all that, which isn’t bad as far as constructive criticism goes and I am not one to be incapable of accepting it. So this is one of many many MANY attempts to improve on it, using Sonic as a reference. Like, the artwork as a reference. I didn’t trace it so much as eyeball, which is basically like how a tattoo artist duplicates an image onto one’s skin. I wanted to figure out how the gesture art of running super duper fast works, like how people have drawn the flash and how they did it. So I guess admitting it and NOT making money on it, instead using it as a way to practice and improve my art style and technique makes it okay, I guess? (well this is deviantArt, you’ll find more people who refuse to admit they traced, plagirized or eyeballed a work of art or literature than those who come clean for whatever purpose, so I suppose I’m the minority when it comes to eyeballing for the sake of self-improvement.)

With that in mind, know that the focus and intent of this is more on the RAW POWER and emotion than the overall quality and accuracy, though I did try. And with that, I shall show the original picture for comparison and give credit where credit is due, as the artist is one Renae DeLiz, who is actually ON deviantArt as user…as RenaeDeLiz, obviously.

Second off and lastly, we have Bunnie D’Coolette, in the flesh. flesh and blood and completely deroboticized and normal. I did completely freehand and without reference. I dare you to find an image that looks line for line, I triple-dee-double-dog-dare you, buttmunch! Each and every one of you!

Anyway, it’s Bunnie. Flesh and Blood, with nothing to her name but a leotard, ring and belt. The reasoning for this is a personal/emotion one rather than for artistic merit or talent. If any of you are or are not aware of Sonic SatAM and the Archie Comic Series, let me elaborate a little:

In the Sonic SatAM and Archie Comic Series, the precursor to Dr. Eggman, Dr. Robotnik, had stolen a sort of machine made by Sonic the Hedgehog’s uncle Chuck. Sonic’s father was a war hero and critically injured in the line of duty. In order to save him, Chuck created a machine to preserve his being, and anyone else’s in the future, until they can find a way to fix their ailments and body damage, least they die or become crippled. Robotnik perverted this by making it a sort of corruption machine that turns the people he captured into mindless Robot slaves, and decided to use this to, you guessed it, take over the world. However, what makes him unique as opposed to Eggman and so many other cartoon villains is that where they WANT to take over the world, in the story of Sonic SatAM and the beginning of the Archie Comic Series, Dr. Robotnik had ALREADY taken over the world. EVERYTHING and almost EVERYONE has become Roboticized with this machine and here, Sonic joins an underground resistance movement that Robotnik is trying to capture/roboticize/outright MURDER at all costs. And now we have our story from there. Where Bunnie Rabbot fits into this is that she was one of the many citizens of the planet Mobius that Sonic lived that was captured by Robotnik and about to be Roboticized. However, Sonic and another Freedom Fighter, Rotor the Walrus, stopped the process HALFWAY and rescued her. She was basically a cyborg and because of that, she adopted the ironic moniker “Bunnie Rabbot”. Her characterization comes in 3 parts: One where she’s the down-to-earth and fun loving female heart-cum-strength of the group, one where she resents being a cyborg and wants to become normal again, and one where she tries to hide it by saying she doesn’t let little things get her down. This is especially true when they try to DeRoboticize her and it works…temporarily, in a rather heartwrenching scene from SatAM (that I cannot seem to find). Later, because she is both organic and has parts of her inside and out be of machinery, hydraulics, computer-chips, wires and metal casing, the stuff starts to poison her internally, and she is given two options: either they take out the old parts and replace it with new, organic friendly cybernetics (much like how cybernetics ACTUALLY work in real life) at the risk of never gaining her flesh, blood and bone again should a permanent cure for Roboticization be found, or they attempt to deroboticize her again with no guarantee this will be permanent. She chooses the former, though as a kid I would have liked them to have at least tried, and maybe I still do, but considering this happened in the Archie Comic Series which was adapted from the SatAm series before becoming it’s own thing, it’s safe to assume the writers at the time, Ken Penders, Karl Boiler and Mike Gallangher were aware of the shoddy deroboticization process they had at the time that didn’t work, and as such, Bunnie decided it wasn’t worth it, especially with her life on the line. This of course meant when an alien race known as the Bem (long story) found a way to deroboticize everyone, she was not among them, as she was not a Roboticized Mobian (or Robian) anymore, or even half of one, but an actual cyborg with actual compatible cybernetics. It makes sense if you read the whole thing, trust me.

Later down the line, though, after Dr. Robotnik was replaced with Dr. Eggman, a villain from the series and the past named Ixis Naugus reappeared as well. There’s a LONG story to this, but what you need to know is he has enough magic to warp reality at the price of slowly losing his sanity, though the characters don’t figure it out at the time. Bunnie was attacked by…something, I don’t remember what, but it turned half of her body into rigid crystals. In an attempt to get rid of the crystals, Ixis inadvertently turned her body back into organic flesh and blood. You’d think she’d be super duper happy that she FINALLY be back to normal after 232 issues, or 18 years in the publication’s history, of trying to become normal only for her to have the metaphorical rug pulled under her time and time again, and now she finally, finally, FINALLY had her chance to permanently become normal long after Robotnik had been defeated, the world was much happier and free and roboticization has all but become extinct and forgotten.

Well, initially she was, in one of the series’ more iconic panels. But considering her whole life she was a Freedom Fighter, and still is despite the world no longer being oppressed (instead constantly threatened like most superhero films, tv series and movies which, let’s be real, it’s absolutely fine considering this opens more possibilities for future stories and, more importantly, it feels like they actually SUCCEEDED in their original objective and are moving on to more present matters, now grown up and ready to take on anything else, like how character development SHOULD be. Heck, she even MARRIED one of the Freedom Fighters, Antoine D’Coolette!) she still has to fight Eggman and his allies The Dark Egg Legion as well as expose Ixis for being a corrupt politician, as well as anything else that may want to take over Mobius, and she believed she could not do that now that she had no cybernetics. This makes sense considering she spent more or less 5 years in the story’s time with them, and now that she now longer has them I imagine it’s really going to be JARRING for anyone, much less her. To make matters worse, Dr. Eggman has made new robots and has somehow managed to reroboticize the leader of the Freedom Fighters, Sally Acorn (I DID say roboticization was all BUT extinct and forgotten, instead of it actually being it), and uses them on an onslaught to Mobotropolis, the center hub of the series (think Metropolis for Superman, Gotham for Batman, New York for most Marvel characters, etc). Sonic and crew get their butts kicked royally from them, but since Bunnie has a harder time defending herself because of her lack of cybernetics (did she NOT think this through and to come prepared, especially when ROBOTS were going to attack?!) she takes this harder than either of them.

When one of the robots, the iconic Metal Sonic, tries to self-destruct on the team, suicide bomber terrorist style (as a Muslim, this definitely raises an eyebrow to me, but since it’s just a robot, maybe I’m a little too much of a stuffed-shirt, though I can’t help but raise an eyebrow), Bunnie’s husband Antoine grabs Metal Sonic and sacrifices himself so that when he explodes, he’ll be the only one to be damaged instead of any innocent lives. He is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Bunnie, distraught by this, leaves the Freedom Fighters and goes to her uncle Beauregard, who surrendered to the Dark Egg Legion and become a cyborg, with the implication that she will again become a cyborg.

There’s a longer story that that, involving Sand Blasters, a crossover with Mega Man, a lawsuit with one of the original writers, a continuity reboot that flushed almost 2 decades worth of story into the proverbial toilet, but the gist of it is, yes, she becomes a cyborg again. The character notorious for being a cyborg, resented becoming a cyborg, tried hardest to become flesh and blood again despite falling on her face time and time again, picking herself up again and again, and FINALLY getting it after 2 decades…decided to become a cyborg out of her own free will because she believed she was weak if she wasn’t.

I think the point of that message came across perfectly, but if you want another subtle comparison, there is a YouTube series called AlanTutorial. For those not wanting to take the effort and subscribe/watch the series, let me get to the point and summarize the story of the main character, the eponymous “Alan”: He was an autistic adult who set up a YouTube channel to make tutorials of various topics and have fun with it. His unseen older brother found out about how popular he was and tried to take over. He initially refused but was then forced. Whenever Alan is forced to do something he didn’t want to do, he bleeds a little, so he gets angry and rebels only to be thrown out. He is now alone on the streets alone, homeless and hungry but free to do tutorials as he sees fit, and then a corporation comes in to take him (albiet forcefully) to do tutorials for them. Initally he refuses, but when they pay him, he complies…and then bleeds profusely because he’s become a hypocrite and betrayed himself and his artistic vision. Yes, seriously. Ignoring the whole autistic adult aspect (and no disrespect to ANYONE suffering autism as 1 - I suffer Autism as well, 2 - a LOT of my friends seem to suffer from it as well and 3 - the point of the series was never ever EVER meant to portray Autism in a negative light, and isn’t even central to the plot so much as the proverbial gasoline/fuel for the story engine, in addition to his brother deciding to take over his artistic vision), the series matches PERFECTLY Bunnie’s plight in comparision: she’s a young, freespirited girl who was forcefully taken over by Robotnik and turned into a cyborg. Instead of becoming depressed and brooding, she holds her head up and vows to become flesh and blood. Time passes and after so many failed attempts, she finally becomes normal again, but IMMEDIATELY goes to get turned into a cyborg out of her own free will. If this was AlanTutorial, she would bleed profusely because of this: she has betrayed herself, she has become a hypocrite.

And while I will NOT trivialize the fact her husband’s life is hanging by a thread and she believed she could have saved him but failed, because this scene is obviously very powerful and one of the highlights of the series, one of my personal favorites and a shocking moment, let me make my point clear, and why I drew this:

Several people I know of have criticized me for being way too overtly moralistic, idealistic and rigid in my black and whiteness (My mom has criticized me for this and says I’ve inherited it from my uncle, someone she doesn’t like; klunk1990 cannot relate with the idea that all the villains I write are inhuman monsters and the heroes knight in shining armors, ONLY because of the proposed crossover I had with his characters and mine and the proposed ending for his whole series going completely against this, nothing wrong with that, mind you, and of course OCArtist being a fan of Berserk and Black Lagoon, where the main characters are Anti-Heroes at best and Villain Protagonist at worst, and has jokingly said that my characters are either Superman or Darkseid, probably referencing Oscar Wilde’s quote “Every first novel is the author either as Christ or as Faust”, especially with a conversation we had involving geopolitical and religious issues involving Prohibition and Seperation of Church and State where I supported the former and resented the latter) but with the character development she went through, from point A to Point B and that way she looks now that she’s finally back to normal, I wish she stayed that way throughout the entire rest of the series, Super Genesis Wave or otherwise. I mean, it was only going to last 58 more issues if it were the former, having her be a completely normal Mobian for five years wouldn’t hurt compared to the 18 years she spent as a Robian/Cyborg!

Though with what I have said in mind, the aforementioned OCArtist stated very bluntly and poetically “and then what?” because as he said, she couldn’t do ANYTHING prior to the botched Roboticization. Oh sure, she was taught kung-fu (though I think you may have gotten that mixed up, OCArtist, as she already knew Kung-Fu and taught it to ANTOINE, her future husband of all people), and that’s it, and with that she’d have to figure something else out for compensation, least she be a load like how Antoine was beforehand. However, I have SEVERAL ideas on how to correct this.

Normally I am not a fan of heroes having to gain a special onset ability similar to one of the more adept heroes or a cliche defense tactic like kung-fu or martial arts. This is precisely why the DC Elseworlds comic “Act of God” wasn’t liked: because when everyone lost their superpowers, they all had to become like Batman…because Batman is the only capable superhero with no superpowers in the DCU (and pretending people like Ted Kord, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Deathstroke the Terminator, James Gordon, Dan Turpin, Bibbo Bibbowski, Jimmy Olson, Steve Trevor, Aaron Cash, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Amanda Waller, The Question, Deadshot, Jason Todd, Lyle Bolton, Val Armorr, Baby Doll, Katana, the JOKER, Wildcat, Harley Quinn, Vigilante, The Scarecrow, Anger Girl, Stick Boy, Two Face, The Penguin, The Riddler, Stephenie Brown, Genius Jones, etc, do not exist). They all needed to become super-intelligent karate masters who used their wits and a collection of gadgets, and anyone who could not adapt fell into a depressive slump. Long story.

Because of this, I MAY be one of the few people who preferred Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 being an Anodite and destined to have her powers unlock as she grew older than her being a LOAD to Ben and Max and having to steal a magic book from Charmcaster and Hex (I think) to compensate. I know klunk1990 finds this annoying/cliche, but I don’t and I know a LOT of Ben 10 fans don’t either as well…then again, much like the Sonic and Transformers fandoms, Ben 10 fight a lot about every aspect in the franchise, sometimes violently. Like actually PHYSICALLY violently. So I don’t know if their word is the word of the gospel when it comes to Gwen’s characterization. Also, then again, I’m the guy of guy who believes Prohibition should have stayed in force and Seperation of Church and State being abolished, despite OCArtist convincingly saying that such notions is just PRONE to loopholes, political and logical fallacies and hostile takeovers, so take MY word for it with a grain of salt, or a shaker of salt :D.

But anyway, yeah, Bunnie should not have to be like everyone else. She does not need to know how to fight like Jackie Chan or be as smart as Rotor or Sally to fight Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic or ANY villain for that matter. Larry Lynx could do it, Tommy Turtle could do it, Bernadette and Jules could do it, Hamlin Pig could do it, Penelope Platypus could do it, Lupe the Wolf could do it, Big the Cat could do it, Aerial and Athena could do it, Dylan Porcupine could do it, Arlo Armadillo could do it, Drago Wolf could do it, Lobo could do it, Marcos could do it, need I say more? Heck, Nack the Weasel did the impossible and almost assassinated Sonic, Mephiles the Dark style, until Mina Mongoose took the bullet herself. You don’t need speed, brains, brawn or flight to fight, just GUTS.

Here’s an idea for a story: Bunnie is, obviouly, a bunnie. A Rabbit. In the Sonic Universe, and even in real life, Rabbits are known to be very fast. Since the Archie comics have done MANY allusions to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog with characters like Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Breezie and Professor Von Schemmeler becoming canon, they could add a character like Hodgepodge into the mix. This video should explain everything:

Much like Hodgepodge, Bunnie could figure out she can run REALLY fast, almost as fast as Sonic (but obviously not AS fast, just enough to keep up with him, think Tails or Mina Mongoose).

If that doesn’t make sense to you, or doesn’t convince you, try this. Then, since Cream the Rabbit can fly, she tries doing the same thing she does, and succeeds, only for her to not be able to fly as HIGH as Cream or Tails (but good enough as it is).

Soon, she obviously becomes downtrodden, and believes she isn’t good enough. Then, the group go under attack by a giant robot or maybe the Deadly Six (hey, anything’s possible in the Sonic Universe). She tries to use what she learned before, no good. She THEN decides to cleverly COMBINE the two to make her have a SUPER JUMP like THIS, or this, or especially this, and be able to curb stomp her enemies through their face or metallic structure through the amount of mass and weight of her feet, the gravity and speed she’s going at, and the limited amount of flight and velocity she has.

Yeah I’m not good at science, but if they can make a Hedgehog cut through solid steel multiple times with his QUILLS of all things, or an Echidna and Fox FLY, they should be able to make a rabbit crush metal or bone with her bare feet. Just saying.

Heck, I’ll probably actually make that into a story if push comes to shove.

I don’t want to say Antoine sacrificing himself to make sure Metal Sonic doesn’t hurt anyone is cheap and only to make Bunnie have a good reason to go back to her Uncle Beauregard to be Legionized (long story), because comparing Antoine from SatAm and the Beginning of the Comic to Antoine then is like comparing Laurie Strode from the first Halloween Movie to her in H20. If you’ve never watched the Halloween Movies (assuming you are NOT a fan of Horror/Slasher movies or prefer the Rob Zombie version, not a bad thing in and of itself, here’s a picture representing what I mean: Laurie in the First Halloween Movie on the top cowering that her psychotic half-brother wants to rip out her intestines, Laurie in H20, which is 20 years later, preparing to take ON her almost indestructible psychotic half-brother to prevent any MORE innocent lives, on the bottom respectively. And no, she has not gone insane…I think. I haven’t watched H20 yet, but my point still stands. :?), it’s a huge gap between character development.

A good comparison would be that when Antoine is starting out in the series, and is the offensive cowardly “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey” French Stereotype, that would be the larvae/caterpillar stage.

The stages between that where he goes to fight Dr. Robotnik, The Suppression Squad, Hunter, ADAM, Enerjak, and the Iron Dominion, AND marry Bunnie the proverbial Cocoon stage, and sacrificing himself to protect his wife, friends and the citizens of New Mobotropolis from the Dark Egg Legion and Metal Sonic is the stage where he comes out a BEAUTIFUL butterfly. It may be why this characterization was NOT reversed by the Genesis Wave, just the character design.

So why shouldn’t BUNNIE go through the same thing WITHOUT being sent back to the status quo? Like, NO ROBOTICIZATION, find something else that makes sense and is not forced. No martial arts, no ancient prophecy, no magical items or technology, no lessons, she figures it out herself. I mean, she has been in the Freedom Fighters for like, what, 5 years? 10? She should be better than just to GIVE UP and go to the Dark Egg Legion defeated.

I know it sounds like a rant, but I don’t want it to be. I HATE IT when people rant online about minor issues, especially since Archie Sonic is gone forever now, what with it being cancelled (and it’s not just Pender’s fault if you delve a little deeper into the whole fiasco, strange as it may seem). But in a proverbial alternate world where either they beat Ken Penders in the copyright lawsuit, or they didn’t basically shoot themselves in the balls with their legal documents and teams/firms (long story, and sorry for the language), Bunnie would still be accidentally De-Roboticized by Ixis, Antoine will still sacrifice himself to stop Metal Sonic, and Bunnie would do something OTHER than go back to the Dark Egg Legion. Hell, maybe she’d take ANTOINE to the Dark Egg Legion and have HIM Legionized, and in a twist a la Wonder Woman 2017, now SHE’D have to help Antoine adjust to being a cyborg like how someone (I believe Sally, Rosie, Antoine, Sonic or Rotor, I don’t remember) helped HER adapt to her cybernetics, as well as discovering who she REALLY is and what she can REALLY do with the help of her friends.

But that’s just a theory…a GAME THEORY (#iamnotsorry)

Anyway, expect more art soon. Now, I’m going to sleep.

Sonic and Bunnie © Archie Comics, Sonic Team, Sega and DiC/Cookie Jar Entertainment, DHX

Art © @RanaeDeLiz on the top, V2AUZoltanKhan on the bottom. Do not steal and all that.

Good Night :P
Soul Eater NOIR - Grey Star
So, I'm trying my damnedest to be proactive and submit a couple drawings here to my account as it's more or less on life support at this point. I had the idea of a fanwebcomic co-written by k-Liight and OCArtist involving Soul Eater, sort of a fanfic, sort of an Alternate Reality and also a original flavor story, which is basically a fanfic "that attempts to emulate the tone, atmosphere and style of its inspiration as closely as possible. The goal of the Original Flavour fic is to seem as though the original production team could have thought it up. Even if it heads off into previously unknown and unexplored territory for that property, the story will emphasize the use of existing gimmicks and devices rather than introducing totally foreign ones" as said by TVTropes. As such, Soul Eater Noir, a sort of prequel to Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT set in the 1930s Prohibition and Great Depression-era America and an AU of Soul Eater in Film Noir style, as well as an AU saying "What if The Shinigami were real and worked with the Native Americans, the US Settlers, the Founding Fathers and the Government in real life, like you'd see pictures of him shaking hands with Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, etcetera etcetera).

As such, the core character of the story aside from, obviously, The Shinigami and the DWMA is Grey Star. I haven't finalized all the details of his character but basically he's the father and grandfather of White Star and Black Star respectively. So far, that's all you need to know.

I'll fill in the details of the story, its characters and world in the coming of days. I hope :|
Question to all artists and aspiring artists:
You're working on a drawing, a TRADITIONAL hand drawn..uh, drawing. You've been working on it for more or less 3 days...then you accidentally spill soda on it. The syrup has ruined the ink and pencils and bled through the paper. What do you do now that this hard work is now in the proverbial toilet?

To paraphrase Kyle “OanCitizen” Kallgren from Brows Held High “I knew this was coming. I tried to ignore this [as much as humanly possible], but I knew this was coming”.

I think I need to bring up something important. A contributing factor to the delays of the art I’ve promised a good chunk of you is due to chronic fatigue and depression. Depression at “What”, you may ask? Well, here’s a good example.

I woke up at 5 PM today. After taking a shower and doing my prayer, I was preparing to go to work on DanielBenner214's) picture...when I noticed the latest page was gone from the desk.

I knew instantly this was the work of my younger brother Dean. This is not the first time this has happened. I angrily confronted him about it, and he threw me back telling me, “You kept me up ALL night!” I told him I couldn’t help it. I’ll explain why later. He snapped back at told me, “YES YOU CAN, you just choose NOT to. You CHOOSE not to be like everyone else, I’ve seen when YOUR kind cannot help it, YOU can.”

I got angry and latched onto that word. “What do you mean, YOUR kind?” I told him. Dean froze. He knew what I was referring to. I think it’s fair to say a good chunk of my watchers (and deviantart for that matter) suffering from SOME form of Autism in one way or anyone (OCArtist, DanielBenner214  and darkmagic287 are ones I know for a fact), myself included. In the past I’ve hated being autistic but now with plenty of training and a chance to chill, I’ve become better from this (it helps that I’ve been told high-end celebrities like Bill Gates and Keanu Reeves suffer the same. Everyone knows Bill Gates, but just know that the guy who plays Neo and John Wick also has autism next time you see the Matrix or the titular film). My brother Dean also suffers Autism, but REFUSES to believe it. My buddy klunk1990 will kindly tell you a couple days ago a “hurricane” was blowing in my house and I refused to elaborate on why. Well I will now. My brother and my mom were having a huge argument. It was about Dean’s autism, and that was a sore spot for Dean, who believed Autistic People and kids with Down Syndrome were one and the same. Apparently Dean made a comment about one day “curing” autism that got his teachers in an emotional knot and had to be sent home. Dean did not take this well. In the past Dean has called me a Mutant Retarded Freak and will damn me to Hell as if he was God himself, and mom says if this ever happens again, she will punish him for this. Needless to say, after this little display, Dean’s not going to be with friends or on the computer for a good chunk of the week.

Dean knew this and tried to cover it, knowing I set him up. He told me Mom told him never to call me what he was going to call me before getting back to the topic at hand. After ranting about everything and nothing, Dean told me:

“You are NEVER going to have a future. Ever. All you do is be in your room to avoid the real world, drawing shit artwork that NOBODY likes, you can’t draw worth SHIT, nobody likes you, not mom, not God, and all those people you keep talking about (he tries remembering them) Addison, John (pause) Danny (pause), that hideous girl I saw on your screen once (I’m not sure if he’s referring to k-Liight or INGIJB but if he’s referring to either, just know I do NOT condone this and this makes me very, VERY angry that he said this, ESPECIALLY at how much you guys have helped or, or in INGIJB’s case, how much she’s suffered) Addison and John are a bunch of skinny as balls losers, untalented hacks. Addison doesn’t even DESERVE to go to TCHS like me if he’s gonna spend all his time working as a fucking errand boy (Addison, or OCArtist, knows for a fact Dean does not look like a nice person as they both went to TCHS at some point, albeit in different branches. Needless to say Addison, if you ever read this, hopefully this will only cement this notion.)

I held my ground, not wanting to give in to Dean even though I was still on the floor and Dean was standing up tall, arms crossed and chest puffed out, and told him that I would tell mom. He said he knew and did not care.

So I tried calling mom. No answer. No text. No email. She was far away doing God Knows What. Usually it would be her job but she has confessed to leaving the house just to get away from Dean.

This is helped because at one point Dean had a dog named Andre who he “loved” dearly...except he never cleaned up after him or groomed him or even FED him, that was always me or mom. Because of this, hair would repeatedly build up all over the apartment we had at the time...and then our landlord came in and told us if we don’t get rid of Andre (because the apartment did NOT allow pets and mom had Andre behind the landlord’s back for the sake of Dean) he will kick us out. When Dean heard this, a massive argument ensued cultivating in Dean roaring like the Incredible Hulk, RAMMING mom into the far end of a hallway and employing a combination of hitting and strangling her, all with a face of a rabid wolf...almost like my father. Mom of course tried calling the Police and in an act of “boldness”, Dean tried making a break for it before the cops showed up. This failed miserably and either fortunately or unfortunately, Dean was not put in jail or in a crisis center despite having every reason to be (according to mom, anyway. I don’t know anything about the law, so don’t quote me on this).

But with all this, it should come as NO surprise mom did not want to answer me the same way a victim of abuse will try to defend their dominant other, or at least that’s what flew in my head at the time (once again, she could have been at her job and didn’t want to answer so she doesn’t lose her job. I’ll let you know what the reason was whenever this comes up).

Getting back to the Present, after Dean came back to take his third melatonin, he comes to me sitting on my chair trying furiously to type to my mom or call her and mocks me, after which he tells me.

“You know what your problem is, Moh? You need structure, you can’t expect to get anywhere writing shitty comic books. Look at me, I’ve got friends, I got money in the bank, I got a life.

YOU need to see more people, you need to go to bed on time, you need to get a job, you need to be like ME. You need to be like everyone else.”

There are so many things I could comment on this, as well as several hypocritical statements that sentence holds, but I won’t because I won’t slander Dean’s name on the internet unless it pertains to the situation at hand (I’d like to think I’m not THAT petty), and instead focus on the part Dean made important: Getting a Job.

Problem is, I HAD a job. Most of you KNOW this. I had a job working at a bookstore to scrap together funds for the computer that broke during the summer that put a damper on Project00Wolfen’s art. I spend days in the summer rearranging shelves, cleaning tables, unloading inventory, checking out people, listening to kids scream and yell and not shut up, hearing customer’s stupid complaints over the phone and being unable to do anything that by the time I had the money, as well as getting some help from John and my mom and several other people outside, I threw in the towel, sent my letter of resignation and left. I slept for 13 days after that according to my mom. 13. Can you imagine? I know for a fact Addison can work a job fine despite being skinnier than me, so how he does it is beyond me (though in hindsight, maybe his job has air conditioning as mine had the misfortune of having its AC break in 93 degree Summer of last year or two years ago, I don’t know anymore).

As I write this Dean just took his fifth melatonin sleeping pill and is now singing a song from RWBY (I believe it’s this one, I don’t know. I’m not a fan of RWBY, that’s more OCArtist’s forte, not mine) while muttering/screaming homophobic and racial epithets, if that’s even possible to do (moron... you are...hermaphrodite...small and helpless...jungle-monkey...bitch...they should throw you into the pit of Hell...Nigger...faggot... idiot...just a child...I CAN’T HAVE A LIFE BECAUSE OF HIM...Cocksucker...master race...stronger...WHY WERE YOU EVEN die…). My memory isn’t very good and Dean has a high-end fan to cancel out noise (and yet he chastises me for making noise despite there being no way in Hell he should hear an air horn with something like this).

So, now, if you’ve skipped a good chunk of this, here’s the point of it all.

I cannot deal with this anymore. I cannot deal with Dean constantly insulting me and telling me how worthless I am, and how I can only work on stuff when he is asleep or not in the picture (in school, for instance), I cannot live in this household anymore, in the environment, it’s too much of a prison than an actual HOME (assuming you’ve seen the videos I’ve posted). I REFUSE to get a job after the backbreaking and exhausting experience I had, which only fuels my chronic fatigue that, to this day, is still around (making my doctors think I overworked myself to the porn of being anemic), and I refuse to make any more art without having any money in the bank. Not because I’m greedy, but because I NEED TO ESCAPE FROM THIS PLACE.

My own mother, who has been on and off about my dreams of becoming an artist, even states that I should STOP handing out freebies. The ONLY reason she never minds anything about John or Addison is because (ostensibly) I’m gonna get a cut of their work for doing the art.

I’m sorry Daniel, and I’m sorry Sakuraofchaos, but when it comes to this, I cannot FUCKING DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE. If he’s just going to rip up or throw away my art that I was working SO hard on, I’m just going to be like a disgruntled comic editor, throw my hands in the air and say “SCREW this, I don’t care anymore.” ESPECIALLY if I don’t get any pay for this.

Effective immediately, I am suspending all requests and art trades until future notice, and focusing on commissions to get me out. I refuse to purge my account a THIRD time and start over, I’m gonna man up and say it to your face, and I hope you understand. I don’t think you live with a brother or family member like this, so hopefully what I say at least resonants with you SOMEwhat. If not, go away. This is FAR too important.

Just writing this bull has made me tired. I have to go to bed. Hell, even Dean just came to me and threatened to throw away the computer I worked the entire summer to get if I don’t got to bed right now (It’s 6:32, an hour after I woke up before.)

Hopefully you will all understand. Tomorrow I will post up the commission prices or something, I dunno.
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