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Oh my God, I cannot believe people still remember Mighty Max, let alone Norman, his guardian. This picture brings back so many memories...

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Amateurish Low Res Blender Background For Project by V2AUZoltanKhan Amateurish Low Res Blender Background For Project :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 4 0 Unfinished Experimental Art - Midna by V2AUZoltanKhan Unfinished Experimental Art - Midna :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 64 12 OC AAA004 - Kerry Mira the Chimera by V2AUZoltanKhan OC AAA004 - Kerry Mira the Chimera :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 9 1 OCAAA003 - Anumet by MusAmantes by V2AUZoltanKhan OCAAA003 - Anumet by MusAmantes :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 29 19 Deroboticized Bunnie 001 - Swimming, Action-style by V2AUZoltanKhan Deroboticized Bunnie 001 - Swimming, Action-style :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 35 13 I Drew a Loni Loud by V2AUZoltanKhan I Drew a Loni Loud :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 19 3 I drew a Luna Loud for no reason by V2AUZoltanKhan I drew a Luna Loud for no reason :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 90 46 OC AAA002 - Star Guy (Logo) by V2AUZoltanKhan OC AAA002 - Star Guy (Logo) :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 5 8 Rocky and Lucy (Colored Version) by V2AUZoltanKhan Rocky and Lucy (Colored Version) :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 95 43 Rocky and Lucy (Inked Version) by V2AUZoltanKhan Rocky and Lucy (Inked Version) :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 85 52 Goth Lucy and Normal Lucy by V2AUZoltanKhan Goth Lucy and Normal Lucy :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 81 15 Rocky and Lucy (Pencils) by V2AUZoltanKhan Rocky and Lucy (Pencils) :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 38 22 Just-Def as L from Death Note 2017 by V2AUZoltanKhan Just-Def as L from Death Note 2017 :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 24 8 Callie and Marie, Human and in New York by V2AUZoltanKhan Callie and Marie, Human and in New York :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 30 11 Lilith Aensland Attempt 1 by V2AUZoltanKhan Lilith Aensland Attempt 1 :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 28 15 Sonic Practice and Bunnie DeRoboticized by V2AUZoltanKhan Sonic Practice and Bunnie DeRoboticized :iconv2auzoltankhan:V2AUZoltanKhan 96 31


Little Miss Valentine by SP2233 Little Miss Valentine :iconsp2233:SP2233 150 41 Lola and Geo by SP2233 Lola and Geo :iconsp2233:SP2233 188 55 A Twin Christmas by SP2233 A Twin Christmas :iconsp2233:SP2233 202 21 Michael by GENZOMAN Michael :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 10,589 667 Stuckinguu by Catineet Stuckinguu :iconcatineet:Catineet 88 37 Chibi 4 by RlanOliva Chibi 4 :iconrlanoliva:RlanOliva 13 0 Wilykit - v.3.1 and v.3.2 by thejason10 Wilykit - v.3.1 and v.3.2 :iconthejason10:thejason10 9 2 BLACKFIRE by Tenzen-Hentai BLACKFIRE :icontenzen-hentai:Tenzen-Hentai 251 4 Enfys Nest Disney Infinity Style by DazTibbles Enfys Nest Disney Infinity Style :icondaztibbles:DazTibbles 22 1 Ben Solo by DazTibbles Ben Solo :icondaztibbles:DazTibbles 25 1 Space Hulk by Zen-Master Space Hulk :iconzen-master:Zen-Master 3,806 199 Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 4,938 230 Stacked Deck: Queen of Diamonds by GrandMassaSpectre Stacked Deck: Queen of Diamonds :icongrandmassaspectre:GrandMassaSpectre 95 48 Frisk ~ by ShayaAnimate14 Frisk ~ :iconshayaanimate14:ShayaAnimate14 58 8 I Love Lola Loud by J-Room I Love Lola Loud :iconj-room:J-Room 77 11 My Little Sister Is The Best by J-Room My Little Sister Is The Best :iconj-room:J-Room 127 19



Amateurish Low Res Blender Background For Project
Currently working on a commission. No, this has nothing to do with that commission, this is just filler background art for future filler art.

This was made entirely in Blender and I didn't give a crap about texturing or attempting to turn it into Freestyle line art even though I REALLY wanted to. How QuickBoomCG does it is BEYOND me. He tells me to try learning it more. If he's reading this, I'll do it when I'm not working on commissions or being harassed by my abusive mother with the threat of being put in a group home for doing absolutely nothing.
Unfinished Experimental Art - Midna

With this, it's exactly what it says on the tin. I was doing experimental pixel art in the style of Geibuchan, failed miserably, got tired at 1:09 AM and just giving up and posting. I swear to God this won't happen again, but I just wanted to experiment and dsee what I could do.

That, and draw Midna acting compliant rather than her usual smug bitch self. :|
OC AAA004 - Kerry Mira the Chimera

Concept art for klunk1990 's series "Herobound", a work in progress. The character is one Kerry Mira who is ostensibly a chimera...I said "ostensibly" because the description klunk1990 gave me doesn't match anything I know about Chimeras, though that knowledge is admittedly limited. As such, it was VERY difficult for me to conceptualize this thing.

You guys in the comments tell me how I did.
OCAAA003 - Anumet by MusAmantes

This is the first commission I have EVER done for someone, and that someone is MusAmantes, who wanted his OC "Anumet" done in my style (in his own words). As with most people, I promised him I would have it finished in 2 days, and I did.

So, yeah, tell me what you think guys. Also keep in mind that the libraries were closed so I couldn't use a high quality printer. If the picture looks weird to you, that's why :|
As some of you may know, my homelife is absolutely depressing, restrictive and borderline emotionally abusive. For those who do NOT know, please for the love of God read THIS EMERGENCY - PLEASE READ THIS, ALL OF YOU!To paraphrase Kyle “OanCitizen” Kallgren from Brows Held High “I knew this was coming. I tried to ignore this [as much as humanly possible], but I knew this was coming”.
I think I need to bring up something important. A contributing factor to the delays of the art I’ve promised a good chunk of you is due to chronic fatigue and depression. Depression at “What”, you may ask? Well, here’s a good example.
I woke up at 5 PM today. After taking a shower and doing my prayer, I was preparing to go to work on DanielBenner214's) picture...when I noticed the latest page was gone from the desk.
I knew instantly this was the work of my younger brother Dean. This is not the first time this has happened. I angrily confronted him about it, and he threw me back telling me, “You kept me up ALL night!” I told him I couldn’t help it. I’ll explain why later. He snapped back at told me, “YES YOU CAN, you just choose NOT to. You C

Admittedly, this was from April, but I promise you, things have not changed. As such, I will be opening 30 SLOTS for emergency commissions to save up to leave my household. My friend klunk1990 has offered to let me stay in a room in his brother and fiancee's house, but honestly I doubt that will ever happen as they have no messaged me, and even if they do, traveling there would be expensive (I live in the Philadelphia area, he lives in Kansas)

So here begins the bid for commissions and prices, and well as examples:

  • Pencils:
         Rocky and Lucy (Pencils) by V2AUZoltanKhan
    • 4.99
  • Inks
         Rocky and Lucy (Inked Version) by V2AUZoltanKhan
    • 9.99
  • Colors
     Rocky and Lucy (Colored Version) by V2AUZoltanKhan
    • 24.99
First things first: you need to pay upfront and tell me what kind of drawing you want. Note me and then send me the money through Paypal and I will immediately get to work. You will be constantly notified of the progress in the art through the Note or an email you offer, if you so choose. I will right up front say I will give a deadline so if I do not complete the drawing, you are entitled for a full refund.
  • Art Deadlines

    • Pencils = 1 hour min to 1 days MAX
    • Inks = 1 days min to 2 days MAX
    • Colors = 3 Days min to 7 Days MAX
I only accept Paypal. PAYPAL ONLY, NO POINT COMMISSIONS. On Paypal, please send to “”

If you want me to do fanart of a show, give me some reference like a shapeshot or a model sheet or a scene to go off of.

And lastly, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If I complete the drawing in a certain timeline and you still don’t like it, I’m sorry, rules of the house.

Adding to some ground rules, I can do:
  • Fanart

  • Model Sheets

  • Pinups

  • Action scenes

  • And unlike some artists, I am perfectly fine with softcore spank material, like pinups and cheesecake art of both genders, like swimsuit pin up, saucy poses in bed, lying spread-eagled on the couch or bed, etc.

  • I also can do comic pages. If you want comic pages, each page is of course the cost of medium for each page (5 for pencils, 10 for inks, etc). Though I have a limit of 22 pages, and 18 panels in each page MAX, as well as the deadline would be doubled or tripled or whatever maximum numbers given to the amount of pages. PLEASE SUBMIT A SCRIPT or something for me to go off of and I will do it. Send it through the above provided in PDF or Word Doc format.

As expected, I will tell you what I WILL NOT do:
  • hardcore and explicit fetishes, like outright nudity, rape, hypnosis, transformations, scat, BDSM, explicit Gore, bodily fluids, etc.

  • Art or Fanart of anything bashing people of gender, race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientations or political or corporate party of any kind.

  • Realistic people

  • Complex weapons, Mechs or robots

  • Furries

  • And though I can do it in Pencil or Ink, CITY PERSPECTIVES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE COLORING SECTIONI had a horrible experience with an art trade that took a year to get half colored because of the huge city.

Now, some of you more skeptical people will ask what I offer. To that I say, unlike so many other artists:
  • I can stretch the rules of what I will not draw if you ask polite or elaborate enough with what you want. Trying asking, you’ll never know what’ll happen ;)

  • I provide prices than the other deviants. MOST charge 10 for pencils, 15 for lineart and 40 for color. I have reduced my prices, and do NOT charge for different part parts like head, torso, full body, etc. You can get a full body with NO additional charge.

  • I DO NOT charge for more characters in an art piece, though I do have a limit of 10. A lot of artist charge 5 dollars extra for adding characters. I do not not.

  • I currently will always have 30 SLOTS. Most artists only provide 10 at MOST.

Please message me before making a purchase
I am really hoping I can form a solid business relationship with you, and hopefully you can help a guy out given what I've said.

See you around, and God Bless. 

1. :iconmusamantes: (FINISHED)
2. :iconj-b-hickock: (Due Saturday, January 13, 2018)
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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