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Oh my God, I cannot believe people still remember Mighty Max, let alone Norman, his guardian. This picture brings back so many memories. Now, fandom gushing aside, however, let's look at how well this was done. The GIANT GREEN letters in the bottom is a great way to grab your attention. When I saw it I immediately clicked the picture because of that and I'm sure many others will as well. I also love how colorful the background is, though admitted the Icy blue mountains don't fit well with me since I feel like an Orange sky and mountain would work with Norman, who is a redhead, and then have the ground/bottom be blue like it is already. Also, I feel like the coloring is a little lackluster, it looks like someone traced the image and colored it with an airbrush, which if that were what you were going for, it works, but it could be a little more detailed, and the liners could be a bit thinner and varied, like have the arm encased in a thick black line, and have the appendages on the robotic arm be smaller in width. HOWEVER, do NOT change the shading on the cyborg arm's metallic texture, you know, those giant black hard edges. Those are really good and easily the best part of the drawing, though like I said if it were colored differently it would be better, but still I believe people will instantly realize it's a robot arm.
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CreedStonegate Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Glad you like it! A while ago I started drawing full body shots instead of just head and shoulders. That gives me a good full body shot I can put in group shots or use for other stuff. But this new heroes series is an extension of my villains series and the format is a cropped in shot with the name on the bottom. So the pieces I do this way have less detail but more utility, I see it and it bugs me but drawing just a zoomed in shot like I used to has way fewer uses. I consider myself an inker and colors are just sort of an added thing I do. This was the second time inking and coloring this because of a dead hard drive and the second one is always missing something intangible. I just changed the background after a while away from it, I think this version works way better. Thanks for taking the time to leave me this cool feedback, I appreciate it!
V2AUZoltanKhan Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Professional General Artist
I do, and thanks :)
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