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OC AAA001 - Quantum by k-Liight by V2AUZoltanKhan OC AAA001 - Quantum by k-Liight by V2AUZoltanKhan

So, have any of you ever done 3D animation? Probably not, so here's a little nugget of wisdom: it takes a LONG time for your Big Hero 6 and your Lego Movie characters and the CGI characters of Guardians of the Galaxy to render (for good measure, apparently for Baloo in the 2016 Jungle Book movie, in took 5 hours just to render 1 frame of him, and likewise for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, when rendering the Decepticon Devastator, somebody forgot to put it at the optimal settings and the computers fucking MELTED. Yes, MELTED. Remember when I nagged all summer about my computer falling apart and having to get a new one because I was flat broke? Imagine a billion dollar movie studio having a uber-powerful graphical computer MELTING because one of their employees tried to cut corners. MELTING. Into a puddle of goopy resin and burn circuitry. MELTED).

Why do I bring this up? Because I have taken a shine to it and tried my hand at it. So far so good in my opinion, but because I am dirt poor I had to resort to using a free 3d program called Blender (which can make some REALLY good art, but I just wanted to put that there so I don't sound hypocritical). The computer I have in particular that I spent all summer 2016 slaving for is especially built for this kind of task. I mean, it's nowhere near uber-powerful, but it's still better than your average Windows or Mac computer, no joke. I will show you my results in due time...when they are finished rendering. Yes, for the entire day, as I sit here, a 10 or 20 second video I'm rendering has taken the entire day to render (it is 8:34 PM on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 as I type this, and it is only like 78% or so finished rendering). So you can imagine whenever I'm not collapsing from anemia, I'm bored out of my mind because my computer is so sluggish for putting all it's power onto rendering this thing (which isn't a bad thing, mind you, since it actually looks GREAT so far, but I'm only human, and I bought this computer so I can whine about it if I want to).

So while I was waiting for the thing I was doing to finish, I was just doodling random stuff, and upon practicing a technique called “Blocking” for anatomical sake (which this picture has nothing to show for this), I for some reason decided to draw a reinterpretation of an OC from a watcher of mind: k-Liight. She made a reinterpretation of one of my characters for my own story, Foued Caid Essebsi, so I did this for the lawls. I especially say for the lawls because between Project00Wolfen's art trade, working on characters for klunk1990 and two other people, my folks at home are mocking me for making these art pieces and not making any money. The thing for klunk1990 and the other people I'm working with are more complex, but with Project00Wolfen, we did an art trade where he drew one of my own characters alongside a Hellsing character, and I'm doing something based on The King of Fighters, one of those Street Fighter knock-offs that probably nobody's ever heard about. As such, in the future I swear to Allah I will NOT be doing any more freebies, but if you are reading this in the future and NOT the time it was posted, I want you to know right now I did this because I felt like it, not for any sort of obligation. And in this character's case, Quantum as he's called, and yes he's a robot, I wanted to see how k-Liight reacts to one of her characters in my style, and what she thinks of her art style being more or less thrown in the trash and built from the ground up. And seriously, k-Liight and whoever's reading this, tell me and give me your honest opinion on the differing styles between this and this drawing, like what's good about the former, what's good about the latter, what needs to be improved in both cases and for the love of Allah, try to ignore that this is a doodle. I did this while I was rendering a 3D animated video, so I couldn't exactly use photoshop and I sure as Hell didn't feel like inking this perfect drawing. Sheesh. :P

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k-Liight Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
this is an awesome redesign! man, I haven't even touched Quantum in so long, I should draw him again sometime lol. anyway, this "blocking" style works very well for him, since he's a robot, and I like his hair here. looks like a way he'd wear it in battle or something. I also like the mechanical-ness you added to his neck; I might add that to my design of him. also, good luck on your animation project! :D it's no secret that those CGI animated movies are not easy to make, and that make them all the more respectable, since the animators go through so much time and hard work to make these beautiful movies.
V2AUZoltanKhan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Professional General Artist
Well like I said, there's NO blocking in this drawing. That's what "There's nothing to show for it" means. I also was thinking of him more of an android (like this:…) than a gynoid, which is what I imagine you conceptualized Quantum as, like this:… So that hair in my drawing is like fake and hard like resin or something, whereas I imagine your hair is more realistic and flowing.

Also, I'm glad the gears in his neck look the part to you, because that is something I could NEVER figure out how to do, so I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad I finally am closer to master it :excited: Thank you

And finally, the difference between Disney, Warner Bros and me is that I'm just some kid making this on his home computer with no money, whereas Disney and Warner Bros are like billion dollar Fortune 500 Companies. And you know I realize Money isn't what makes a movie. Gareth Edwards make the movie Monster on his home computer and it had Avatar style graphics (here's a clip)… but he still had a budget and professional equipment (500,000 dollars and Sony PMW-EX3 cameras, to name a few things). I don't. :P So you can imagine how I felt when I had to keep my computer on till 9 AM all night :no:
k-Liight Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh. XD well it looks great anyway lol. man, that second image is super cool. I imagine Quantum is kinda somewhere in between the two. his hair is probably like fiber optics or something. XD

aaa you're welcome! glad to know you're improving! :D

just a hobbyist, huh? well hey, it's a start. man, that must've been tiring!
V2AUZoltanKhan Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
And once again

1 - That would make sense for my tastes on robotics and your concept for the story

2 - Not improving fast enough :no:

3 - No, I am by no means a hobbyist, nor would I ever WANT to be. If you reread the original description (though I won't hold it against you if you choose not to, it IS long ^^;) I want to start drawing, making comics and animating/making videos for MONEY, like a job, a career. My mom and brother are embarassed at the fact that I haven't yet and that the pictures I doing right now are art trades and freebies :P I have a priority list so when it's done, no more freebies (you're an exception, but keep in mind you're going be paying through something else...and I don't mean points).
k-Liight Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh well, fast enough or not, you're improving. just remember that it's never too late to achieve your dreams. oh okay, you're aspiring, I see. hey, nothing wrong with that. I stopped doing requests a long time ago, so I know how that goes. anyway, doog luck on all of this! :D
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December 10, 2016
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