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Main Character for story by V2AUZoltanKhan Main Character for story by V2AUZoltanKhan
Still practicing, I guess.

As I'm sure many, many MANY of you are aware of, I have always dreamed of making a comic series that will entertain, enlighten, amaze and maybe even move millions upon millions of people, as well as make a living off of it.

What some of you may also know is that this is also my third deviantart page. This is also the 12th or so drawing I've had of a character like this that I've deleted. Though chances are you don't know either of the three, and are probably asking why are you telling me this? Well the answer is very simple:

I've run out of ideas. COMPLETELY.

And what's worse, the friends that I have who I talk to on skype or here on dA cannot help me in any way. What kind of "friends" are those?

Whatever. Anyway, here is the ideal protagonist for the story. Have not come up with a name yet. May in the future.

And though doubtful I am that he'll see this, I based this picture and character on FireFromTheSky54 Hopefully he'll give me permission to use his likeness, though with him being inactive for 37 weeks according to DeviantArt's tracker/online status thingie, it's doubtful.

Anyway, original character, do not steal, blah blah blah, kill me.
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November 11, 2016
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